Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still catching up

Dec 16 Another trailer. A quick one this time.

Dec 17 A game of Warehouseman! But with daleks! I love Warehouseman!

Dec 18 They've updated the Doctor Who Comic Maker for the upcoming special. I can't get at it, as I am not in the UK. Merry Christmas to you, BBC!

Dec 19 An interview with Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. This is what is known as a "get" because these three rarely do interviews.

Dec 20 A link to the new Voyage of the Damned page in the Episode Guide. Somehow I think this is cheating a little.

Dec 21 Another trailer, which would be excellent if there were footage in it that wasn't in the other trailers that we've already seen.

Dec 22 Another video of the recording of the commentary track, this time for The Sound of Drums. They have a bigger room this time. That's nice to see.

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