Thursday, April 12, 2007

Further Research - Paradise Towers

I add another bit of value, as I try to post links to works that are related to various episodes. I'll start with a McCoy episode, as he's the last Doctor for me to post about.

High Rise, by J.G. Ballard (US UK)

In the Ballard novel, the inhabitants of an enormous, self-contained residential tower, slowly descend into madness as a result of the average day-to-day problems related to the working of the building: elevator breakdowns, power cuts, air conditioner maintenance, that sort of thing.

Mister X (US UK)

Set in Radiant City, a dystopian municipality inspired by the Bauhaus and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the series concerned a mysterious figure who purported to be its architect. His radical theories of ‘psychetecture’ were causing the citizenry to go mad, just as he did, and he took on the mission to repair his creation.

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