Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another mystery

According to an entry in the About Time series of reference works, a particularly amusing moment in The Stones of Blood comes when:
Coven leader de Vries, trying to escape the wrath of a goddess, has his twittering acolyte suggest that they drive away. His line - 'Plymouth? For Heaven's sake, Martha!' - became the title of a fanzine, and the core of a scene in The League of Gentlemen.
A couple of weeks ago, finding myself with a bit more free time than usual, I decided to pull out the DVD and have a look for that line.

I spent a good two hours zipping around trying to find it. Considering that the story's running time is a half hour less than that, and the character who delivers the line is killed halfway through the second episode, I start to wonder if there are bits missing from the DVD.

The other thing I wonder is how many episodes it takes in the current series for the Doctor (or anyone else) to turn to Martha Jones and use the line.

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Alex Wilcock said...

Just come across your blog: bits are and aren’t missing, depending on what you count! It was a deleted scene at the time, so it wasn’t broadcast but is on the DVD in the Special Features (and was incorporated into the episode on the VHS). You’ve probably tracked it down by now, but if you haven’t, it would have been just before the pair die – it’s an extended version of their last scene, in fact.

The League of Gentlemen reference is in Nightmare in Royston Vasey (Series One, Episode 3), mostly in a cave with Tubbs and Edward – and it’s really more borrowed from The Enemy of the World, but that’s another story…