Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Height of Sartorial Elegance

I've noticed that the BBCAmerica repeats of The Christmas Invasion have had the "Song for Ten" sequence excised. Luckily, BBCA are making up for this by posting the clip to Youtube:


The search for that clip brought me sideways to a couple of Doctor Who fashion sites:
Time And Ridiculous Design In Space has just started out looking at the costumes of the old series.  So far a fair amount of time is being spent on Delta and the Bannermen, which to be fair, has a lot of grist for the mill.

Outfits from the TARDIS' wardrobe room has more of a focus on using the costumes as a jumping off point for real life shopping - many of the posts are of the "I've tracked down Rose's boots from Boom Town" variety, but there are also links where an old costume or element is used as a jumping off point for an ensemble.  This Harry Sullivan outfit for example is re-imagined as a woman's outfit, but I was able to follow the links from it to a very spiffy paisley ascot that is a steal at 25 bucks and I have decided not to buy anyway.

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