Sunday, December 24, 2006

A sentence I never thought I'd see:

From icWales:
THE nation's obsession with Doctor Who and a love of 10-pin bowling and films has established the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay among the nation's pre-eminent beacons of tourism and entertainment.
Here's the link to the Doctor Who Exhibition. And here's one to the bowling alley.

I think the person who is in charge of the publicity for the bowling alley deserves a large cash award.
A unique Numeracy Trail ties learning in with the family fun of bowling - who said maths couldn't be a laugh!
They are operated by a group called Hollywood Bowl. Hollywood bowl seems to be running some sort of contest/event called "The Pirates of Pinzance" where (if I am understanding this correctly) they dress the bowling pins up as pirates and instead of rolling the ball at them, you get to fire it down the lane from some sort of cannon. Or it's a scratch-off game. I am certain that I am not alone in hoping for the former.

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