Sunday, October 29, 2006

I haven't yet figured out the Wales Millennium Centre

As Doctor Who is now being produced in Wales and Torchwood is set there, It seems appropriate to add a link to the Wales Millennium Centre, as it is popping up a lot. (It was also used for interior shots in New Earth.) This looks to be the view from Google Maps:

I think that the large curved front with the lettering is the lower left side of the large building at the top of the shot there, and the tall water sculpture is at the bottom of the shot - the semi-circle that casts a long shadow.

It doesn't feel quite right to me from the way the location looks on television, so I am worried that I might not have the location completely correct. Of course, it looks like there is a lot of construction still ongoing in the satellite shot, so that could account for the difference.

Next project for the obsessive fan: list all the buildings that Captain Jack stands on when he wants to go for a sulk.

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Jamble said...

These satellite images are well out of date, the Wales Millennium Centre is on that patch of bare ground below the large building - which is the Red Dragon centre, home to the Doctor Who exhibition.

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