Tuesday, April 18, 2006

to clarify

This is an intelligent man. He is kind and charitable. Children look up to him. Women swoon at his handsome features. Grown men weep at the thought that they might be compared to him. Puppies trudge through driving rainstorms just for the opportunity to lick his nose.

When an apex such as this chooses to sneer at people who are just off enjoying themselves, it is undoubtedly done in the best of faith. He merely wants to help his fellow man achieve the greatness that he enjoys. And who can blame him. He is truly content. His life is perfect. He basks in his position as God's favorite.

I, as an imperfect person, must work to correct the flaws in my character. One of these flaws is the nagging suspicion that he is a sad, humorless gargoyle who reflexively slashes at anyone who does not expend all of their energy on whatever trifles he enjoys, just so he can feel that his worthless, rapidly ending life was in some way worth the effort that he may have spent on it.

See what a wretch I am? The man is a Hercules and I am unworthy to breathe his air.

Oh well.

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